When on Pilgrimage, you are open to receive…
You allow the Divine to offer you guidance.

Pilgrimage Cards

Divinely Guided Experiential Learning and Soul Encouragement…for moving forward on your personally meaningful path

The Pilgrimage Cards (a 74-card deck) are perfect for walking pilgrimage or for beginning any new enterprise. The cards offer a Divinely-Guided daily challenge, new thought-processes, and opportunities to see your Self differently… as the Hero in your own life’s story!

Pilgrimage Cards set the stage: to become observant, to have insights, to trust, to feel supported, maybe even to become aware of miracles… ways that “normal life” does not encourage.

Pursuing any heart-centered goal is a form of pilgrimage, whether it is a physical journey, or a personally meaningful desire: a move, new school, new job, new relationship, starting a business, seeking out one’s ancestral heritage… even going to a museum, a historic house, or following a favorite band!

“On my own pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, all the familiar trappings of ‘normal life’ were gone. The route was unfamiliar, strange, exotic – with none of my regular day-to-day family, friends, or routines. I could only trust that all was as it should be. The School of Divine Guidance offered me a perfect opportunity to learn the perfect lessons!”    – Deborah Terra Weltman

How to use the Pilgrimage Cards:
As you set out on your pilgrimage, read the Opening Card and journal your thoughts.

On each subsequent day, shuffle and pull a card before you set out on your walk (anywhere in the world, or on your “pilgrimage route” at home). Ask for Divine Guidance to pull the best card for that day’s learning. See if one card jumps out to you. Journal your thoughts and experiences each day.

Read the Closing Card at the end of your pilgrimage. The combination of being open to daily Guidance and keeping a journal of each day’s experiences will provide the “Pilgrim” with needed life lessons and many rich, joy-filled memories!

Pilgrimage Cards: written by Deborah Terra Weltman, 2023
Photo: Deborah Terra Weltman, 2011  |  Layout and Design by Kathi Bell

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Sample Cards

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Pilgrimage Cards - $19.95

A Seeker's Guide to Internal Paradigm Shift, What If...?

Take a break from worry and ask for Divine Guidance on your specific question. Then pick a card. Ask for and receive Divine “tips” to guide your day. There are no “bad cards” here. Find yourself in a space of new possibilities, of increased pleasures, following your truth, your passions, and loving more deeply from your new understandings. Maybe you’ll allow God to sort out the details, leaving you with increased energy?

 Among the many topics explored:

* Shifts that allow our lives to become more manageable AND more joy-filled.

* When and how we can make “our difference” in the world.

* What happens when we ask for help? When we pray? When we ask “Big Questions”.

Is there a relationship between the words we think and the options we perceive are open to us? Yes! Learn the trick of “flipping perspective”. It will make your life easier and more joy-filled!

Written and Illustrated by Deborah Terra Weltman
Layout and Design by Ellen Klamon

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Sample Cards

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card 51

A Seeker's Guide to Internal Paradigm Shift Cards - $24.95

A Seeker's Guide to Money and Abundance, What if...?

Uncover a world of new and affirming perspectives about money, generosity, gratitude, love, security, and more. Money wisdom for families and partnerships, for personal growth, and happiness, and even a few laughs! The Money and Abundance Cards suggest new mind-sets to explore. Then you test the waters and use what works best for you.

Among the many topics explored:

* How to be on good terms with money.

* Are money fears hereditary?

* Can our world operate on new economic models?

* Is there a relationship between personal passion and income… between Love and Money?

Included in the Money and Abundance cards are  “Money Vignettes”: insightful money stories taken from the experiences of happy and successful people.

Written and Illustrated by Deborah Terra Weltman
Layout and Design by Ellen Klamon

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Sample Cards

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A Seeker's Guide to Money and Abundance Cards - $24.95

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